Benefits for Golfers


Textron Fleet Management (TFM) offers a wealth of benefits for Golf Club members, from increased communication with the clubhouse when out on your round, through to improved safety and much more besides.


Instant Communication

The TFM system is monitored remotely by the Golf Club team on a multitude of device options, meaning it can be access both back at the clubhouse and by the on-course marshals.

TFM offers two-way communication, giving the Club the opportunity to share messages with you about offers, events and much more, which you can read and respond to from the comfort of your buggy.

You can even receive pro tips for each hole, straight from the TFM system.


On-Course Ordering

The TFM system enables golf clubs to compose a menu of food and drinks that can be accessed from the golf car directly, giving you the chance to order refreshments straight from the course. Orders and refreshment vehicle requests come through to the club in real time, so you won’t be waiting long for your snack or drink and you can continue playing as they will track your location through the GPS system.


Improved Safety and Geo-fencing

Invisible electronic boundaries can be set up by the course around hazards to increase safety and improve your playing experience. Geofence boundaries are clearly displayed on the bright, touchscreen display, making sure that you know where you can travel to safely. If you stray beyond the boundary, the car can send you warning messages or even automatically lock, keeping you safe until you can return to the correct area.

The vehicle can also display look-ahead messages to warn you about hazards such as blind shots, inclines and crossings.

For disabled golfers, the club can mark your vehicle for specific attention, making sure that they are monitoring your progress in case you need additional support, space, time or in the case of an emergency.


Digital Scorecards

The TFM system allows you to complete and see your scorecard digitally, with the ability to email your scorecard home directly so that you can track your progress and performance over time. Alternatively, you can request a printed version, which will be produced at the clubhouse and handed to you upon your return.


Tournament Management

TFM works seamlessly with tournament management software, offering the ability to see live leader boards on-screen during the tournament, live from your vehicle.

Want to see TFM in action for yourself?

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