The new E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE is revolutionising the golf car market.

The RXV ELiTE is powered by Samsung SDI lithium batteries, the same technology that you find in electric cars, power tools, laptops and mobile devices.

RXV ELiTE golf buggies offer improved performance, reliability and efficiency, as well as the lowest operating costs in the market and significantly reduced weight, making them better for your budget and for your course.

The RXV ELiTE lithium ion batteries are completely zero maintenance, which don’t require watering, terminal post checks or cleaning.

They also weigh less than lead-acid batteries, just 320kg compared to 426kg, providing a lighter footprint for your turf, especially useful in moist or muddy conditions.

Not only that, the RXV ELiTE golf buggies come with a 5 year, unlimited-amp-hour warranty, unmatched in the market and proving that E-Z-GO have full confidence in the long-term performance and reliability of their ELiTE buggies.




Samsung SDI Lithium batteries require zero maintenance, saving time and money


Unrivalled 5 Year, Unlimited Amp-Hour Warranty from E-Z-GO



ELiTE batteries charge in half the time and use less energy, cutting energy costs and saving you time


Consistent, reliable performance even after 5 years of regular use


ELiTE vehicles weigh hundreds of pounds less than lead acid batteries, taking a load off your turf


Zero emissions, greener battery technology that use less energy, last longer and are more efficient than alternatives

We can also provide ELiTE versions of all other RXV and TXT models including Freedom and 2+2

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