Refresher Oasis

Cushman Refresher Oasis


The Cushman Refresher Oasis makes selling on your course or around your venue even easier than ever.

With industry leading can capacity, capably of storing up to 500 cans at any given time, as well as a wealth of merchandising space, the Oasis gives your staff more time out and about and less time restocking, making sure you get the most from your additional revenue stream.

The Refresher Oasis is the perfect solution for hospitality situations requiring a large-volume refreshment vehicle, such as at large golf clubs, sports tournaments, events, festivals and special occasions. With huge capacity, wrap around counters, merchandising display areas and recycling and waste receptacles, customers will be impressed with your ability to provide exceptional customer service out-and-about.

Not only that, your staff will be comfortable, safe and stylish, with ergonomic seating, a practical dash with plenty of storage space, windscreen, canopy, headlights and taillights for early mornings, late nights and low visibility periods.

The Cushman Refresher Oasis can be provided in either a 72 volt electric drivetrain format, or powerful 13.5hp Kawasaki petrol engine version.



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