Cushman Hauler

Cushman Hauler

With a Hauler from Cushman you’ll experience a true utility vehicle at it’s best. Powerful and robust, the Hauler range can be utilised in all manner of situations, such as:

  • Golf courses
  • Public spaces
  • Parks, Gardens and Estates
  • Construction sites
  • Farms
  • School, College and University campuses,
  • Holiday parks and Hotels
  • and much more!

Cushman Haulers have seating for two people, powerful towing ability and huge storage and load capacity, enabling you to move around site quickly and easily as well as transporting all materials and equipment safely. With excellent payloads you can move more, in less time, making light work of your larger tasks.

Not only that, you can be sure to use your Hauler safely any time of the day or night, with headlights, tailights and indicators, canopy and dashboard with plenty of storage, all provided as standard features on all Hauler models.


T H WHITE Golf and Utility offer a range of Cushman Hauler utility vehicles including:

Cushman Hauler 800/800X ELiTE

Brand new for 2019 - the Cushman Hauler 800 ELiTE series offer all the power and strength you need with zero battery maintenance or emissions thanks to its Samsung Lithium Ion batteries.

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Hauler 800

The most respected workers have a reputation for getting the job done day in and day out – like the dependable Hauler 800. Available with a petrol or electric powertrain, it delivers the practical power you need to knock down your to-do list.

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Hauler 800X

The Hauler 800X approaches every job with the perfect mix of toughness and real-world utility. Available with your choice of a petrol or electric powertrain, rugged tyres and a lifted suspension, it's built to help you get the job done.

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Hauler Pro

It's time to raise your expectations of electric-powered utility vehicles. With a 72V AC drivetrain that offers the hauling and hill climbing power you need, the Hauler Pro has the capacity to outperform its petrol-powered competitors.

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Hauler Pro-X

The Hauler Pro-X boasts electric power designed to stand up to any challenge, with rugged tyres and extra ground clearance that's ready to take you places other electric vehicles would never venture.

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Hauler 1200

Your work is unforgiving. Let the Hauler 1200 help carry the load. With a customisable bed and practical dash design, it's ready to transport the tools and equipment every job needs.

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Hauler 1200X

The Hauler 1200X never backs down from a challenge. Armed with rugged tyres, a lifted suspension and a dependable Kawasaki petrol engine, it can take large loads of cargo wherever you need them.

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