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Moving guests, luggage, staff and equipment with ease

When your guests and visitors arrive you want to make sure they receive the best possible service. That includes making their stay as simple and comfortable as possible, which is where T H WHITE Golf and Utility and Cushman vehicles can help.

T H WHITE Golf and Utility are authorised dealers for Cushman utility and personnel vehicles, providing the most versatile range of buggies in the industry to make life easier for you and your guests.

With low-maintenance requirements, low emissions and almost zero noise, our vehicles can be used in all areas and at all times without disturbance.

With a Cushman vehicle you can transport staff and visitors across large properties or across extensive sites whilst ensuring a comfortable ride. Our vehicles also offer storage solutions for transporting cargo, equipment, luggage and even for use as laundry, maintenance, housekeeping, food and drink or first aid vehicles.

Whether you run a hotel, holiday park, activity resort, theme park, leisure facility, campsite or any other large site, T H WHITE Golf and Utility have the vehicle for you.

We can offer flexible lease and finance packages as well as competitive hire options and a full service, repairs and maintenance back up from our depots across the UK.

Contact us today to discuss how our range of Cushman utility and personnel vehicles can increase efficiency at your site, provide exceptional customer service and reduce your costs.

Learn more about how E-Z-GO and Cushman vehicles can increase efficiency, revenue and customer service at your resort

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Featured Vehicles

Hauler Pro X

The Cushman Hauler Pro-X is an electric utility vehicle with a difference. With rugged tyres, a 12 cubic feet cargo bed, towing ability, and front & rear lighting, the Pro-X will make light work of your maintenance, housekeeping and groundskeeping tasks across your whole site.

All the while, the 72v electric drivetrain delivers silent power to avoid disturbance to guests, staff and locals, as well as an onboard charger for topping up the charge wherever you go.


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Shuttle 4

The Cushman Shuttle 4 is the most versatile hospitality vehicle in the Cushman line up. It promises to transport staff, guests, luggage and cargo with ease.

With comfortable bench seating for a driver and 3 passengers, a large storage deck with useful wooden-side cargo box and the option of either a 72 volt electric or powerful but economic 13.5hp Kawasaki petrol engine, the Shuttle 4 is perfectly at home moving your guests, staff, luggage, equipment, food and drink, laundry, tools and so much more.


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Refresher Oasis

Offer something new and increase your revenue with the Cushman Refresher Oasis refreshment vehicle.

Able to store up to 500 cans at a time, as well as an abundance of merchandising space, wrap around counters, recycling and waste receptacles and display areas, the Oasis is the perfect addition to your venue.

Provide additional customer service and make extra money by providing hospitality around your site, driven by your staff who benefit from comfortable seating, windscreen & canopy, headlights and taillights and plenty of dashboard storage.

The Oasis proves its worth on large sites, during events and festivals and during high season at resorts and hotels.


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Shuttle Bus 14

The newest in the E-Z-GO line up, the new Shuttle Bus 14 launches in 2019, providing a safe and comfortable transport solution on your site for up to 14 people at a time.

Battery powered and featuring all-round suspension, full front and rear lighting, canopy, windscreen, comfortable bench seating and the ability to drive up to 18.5mph, the new Shuttle Bus 14 is the perfect answer for your people moving needs – whether that’s visitors, VIP guests, or staff.


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