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T H WHITE has been working with private estates, parks, gardens, heritage sites and trust properties and local authorities for many years, providing both groundcare equipment and vehicles through our Groundcare division.

Now with a dedicated Golf and Utility vehicle division, we can provide even more support to ensure you get the right vehicles to meet your needs.

Whether you’re looking to transport guests and staff around your site, a refreshment vending buggy for increased revenue, or for a utility vehicle to assist with maintenance tasks, we have the right E-Z-GO, Cushman or Kawasaki vehicle for you.

With petrol, electric and Lithium Ion technology powertrains, and with gentle turf tyres or rugged 4×4 options, our buggies can suit all requirements and ensure you get the very best from whichever model you choose.

Contact us today to find out more about how our range of personnel, utility or refreshment vehicles can help improve efficiency and reduce costs at your venue.

Find out how our range of Cushman, E-Z-GO and Kawasaki vehicles can help meet your needs today

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Featured Vehicles for Estates, Parks and Gardens

Hauler range

The Hauler range of UTVs from Cushman offers power and robustness for all situations. With 2-person seating, huge load capacity and the power to tow when needed, you can transport all your materials, tools, equipment, plants and more quickly and easily.

With all-round lighting, a canopy and windscreen and plenty of storage, you can make use of your Hauler at any time of day, getting the most from your vehicle across your site during early morning starts or end of day tasks and during poor visibility or weather conditions.


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Kawasaki Mule range

Renowned for their durability, power and performance, Kawasaki Mules are great all-round utility vehicles. Our full range of 2- or 4-seater Mules will make light work of any task around your site, from transporting maintenance staff and their equipment, to loading materials and stock onto the durable cargo beds. With selectable 2wd and 4wd plus all-round lighting, suspension, canopy, windscreen and rugged tyres, no matter the conditions or working environment you can be sure the Kawasaki Mule will perform every time.


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Shuttle Bus 14

The newest in the E-Z-GO line up, the new Shuttle Bus 14 launches in 2019, providing a safe and comfortable transport solution around your property, estate, garden or site  for up to 14 people at a time.

Battery powered and featuring all-round suspension, full front and rear lighting, canopy, windscreen, comfortable bench seating and the ability to drive up to 18.5mph, the new Shuttle Bus 14 is the perfect answer for your people moving needs – whether that’s tourists and visitors, VIP guests or staff.


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Shuttle 4/6

The Cushman Shuttle 4 and Shuttle 6 are the ideal vehicles for transporting visitors, guests and staff around your site.

With comfortable bench seating, safety handrails and grab bars and a full windscreen and top canopy, visitors can travel in safety and comfort, at a maximum speed of 16mph.

Powered by either an electric drivetrain or Kawasaki petrol engine, with all-round lights for added visibility and safety, the Shuttle models are excellent for moving guests who may have mobility issues, disabilities, are elderly or just need to travel from one area to another more quickly.

Whether you manage a park, garden, zoo or wildlife park, heritage site, private estate or any other place of interest, the Shuttle 4 or Shuttle 6 will fulfil all your people-moving needs.


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