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T H WHITE Golf and Utility are authorised dealers for Cushman and Kawasaki utility, commercial and personnel vehicles, offering the most versatile range of vehicles in the industry.

The Cushman and Kawasaki vehicles are designed to transport personnel and cargo around your site comfortably, quickly and easily, no matter your business.


From airports, parks and estates, education providers and warehouses, to exhibition centres, sports venues, factories and leisure parks, our vehicles offer a smooth ride with spacious seating and large cargo spaces ensuring that everyone visiting your facility gets where they need to be along with their materials, luggage, tools or equipment.

We are able to offer personalised and flexible hire contracts to suit your requirements, as well as competitive lease and finance packages.

As a truly national distributor we back up our sales offer with servicing, repairs and maintenance from our depots, or on-site at your venue.

Contact us today to find out how the Cushman and Kawasaki ranges of vehicles can help to make your environment more efficient and reduce your costs.

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Featured Vehicles for Commercial Venues

Hauler 800

The Hauler 800 is the smallest in the Cushman Hauler range of utility vehicles and comes in either 13.5hp Kawasaki petrol engine or 48v AC electric drivetrain.

Capable of carrying 800lbs of materials, tools and equipment with ease, the Hauler 800 provides excellent power and traction across your site, with limited slip-differential as standard for use in wet or soft conditions.

With comfortable bench seating for 2 people, a 14mph driving speed, and a useful 8.4 cubic foot cargo bed, your team can count on the reliable and powerful Hauler 800 to get them and their equipment around the site quickly and efficiently.


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Hauler Pro X

The Cushman Hauler Pro-X is an electric utility vehicle with a difference.

With rugged tyres, lifted suspension, a 12 cubic feet cargo bed and towing ability, the Pro-X will make light work of your maintenance, groundcare and and delivery tasks across your whole site.

With headlight and taillights as standard, the Hauler Pro-X ensures you get the most from your staff and vehicle no matter the time of day, lighting or weather conditions, offering additional safety and increasing usable time.

All the while, the 72v electric drivetrain delivers silent power to avoid disturbance to visitors and staff, as well as an onboard charger for topping up the charge wherever you go.


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Shuttle 2

The Cushman Shuttle 2 is designed to carry 2 people with a large cargo load. Its extra-long cargo deck is perfect for delivering equipment, tools, materials, deliveries, food, drinks and more, with a capacity of 1,000lbs.

Not only that, the Shuttle 2 is an ideal base for customisation to suit your site, such as use as a medical buggy or delivery vehicle.

Available in either petrol or 48v electric drivetrain options, the Shuttle 2 can be used indoors or out, ideally suited to venues such as exhibition centres, arenas, sports venues, factories and plants, airports and much more.


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Kawasaki Mule range

Our range of Kawasaki Mule utility vehicles offer complete durability, efficiency and power in commercial environments when you need it most.

Featuring seating for either 2 or 4 people depending on the model, along with robust load beds and all-round suspension, Kawasaki Mule’s are ideal for hard work on your site or in your venue, transporting materials, tools and equipment as well as people, with ease. All round suspension and lighting as well as expansive storage and excellent payloads mean your new Mule can get straight to work no matter the situation, weather, time of day and night or environment.


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